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Collar clamps and pipeline supports

CELT SUPPORTAGE designs, produces, stores and distributes collar clamps and adjustable pipeline supports for the professionals specialized in heating and draining systems.

CELT SUPPORTAGE offers a full range of brackets, suspension collars, vertical pipe clamps and fixings.

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chauffage et protection incendie

Celt Supportage manufactures, stores and distributes various models of support collars, adjustable pipe supports, brackets suspension collars, "pear” shaped collars, and vertical pipe clamps. Our main customers are professionals specialized in drain, heating and water adduction systems.

Our various support collars, hook shaped brackets and other supports are suitable for all types of pipelines (cast iron, PVC and pressure PVC, steel, HDPE, PE, insulated, stainless steel), whether vertical or horizontal, for installation along walls or on ceilings. They are primarily used for drains, heating systems and under pressure (also known as adduction pipelines, bridge passage, sewer, gallery installation, cantilever etc.).

We produce our support collar models in our factories in France. Manufactured and stamped with our name, they are made of galvanized steel, stainless steel or aluminium. The galvanized steel products are "pear" shaped collars and vertical pipe clamps. Hook shaped brackets and hanger brackets are made of aluminium.

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Our hook shaped brackets, used for drainage purposes, is made of aluminium in our French smelting plants. All hook shaped brackets are cast with a ladle. Support brackets and hanger brackets are made using the same manufacturing method. Which makes Celt Supportage the only company to offer brackets in this material. Easy to implement, they are available in several diameters and are sold insulated (isophonic) or non-insulated.

The hook shape bracket (CELT hook) type 101/121 is designed to withstand the collectors of waste water, rain water in collective buildings. This hook shape bracket is for SMU and SME cast iron and PVC. Therefore it can be used to support rising horizontal pipelines along walls. As well as being corrosion proof, resistant and lightweight, it has three supports points, which facilitate its installation on rough walls.

The adjustable swivel ring hanger type 401/421, also known as pipe hanger collar or pear collar, is ideal in a suspension system, because it allows the pipeline prefabrication to be carried out at ground level.

Another key element in the field of pipe support and fixation, TOPCELT 610, is rapidly installed without screws. The tightening of the clamp is achieved using a flat screw driver. Its wide bearing surface, its support leg and its range of adjustment are the strong points of this product. It comes in several versions: galvanized steel, stainless steel, insulated or non-insulated. The stainless steel version of TOPCELT 630/631 provides exceptional long-term resistance. This collar for PVC can be utilized in different ways: on ceilings like the pear-shaped collar 401, horizontally against a wall like the hook shape bracket, vertically like our vertical pipe clamps 802 or offset using a threaded rod or a fixing bracket. For soundproofing, the isophonic vertical pipe clamp TOPCELT 611 may be equipped with an anti-vibration heel to increase the acoustic damping.

Our isophonic support collars consist of an EPDM 70 shore rubber band. The isophonic band installed on the pear-shaped suspension collar, the hook shape bracket, and our vertical pipe clamps are made in France and assembled in our assembly workshops. With the evolution of building standards, our range of pear-shaped collars, vertical pipe clamps and hook shape brackets provides regulatory soundproofing.

We also offer a range of isophonic (insulated) or non-isophonic heating system collars which can be fitted by surface mounting or on rails, as well as heavy-duty collars for strong fail-proof fixation of all types of pipes. This range can also be used in fire protection systems (sprinkler pipes) or steel pipes.

We also produce and sell vertical pipe clamps ref 802/821 with sliding threaded ports. This vertical pipe clamp is produced with only one point of screwing which facilitates angle fitting compared to a double bolt collar.

Our adjustable swivel ring hanger reference 401/421, for cast iron and PVC pipelines, allows the tilting of the collars during the installation of the pipework. The collar fastening is done through its clips and is locked in position using nuts. The shape of this pipe hanger collar facilitates adjustments and saves time. The pear collar 421 is the isophonic version.

Supports/brackets type 201/301 have been developed for integral Natural, Blutop and Isopam cast iron pipelines. Aluminium support brackets are installed in the galleries of the Paris sewage system (Eaux de Paris) and cantilever bridges. The diameter of 201 brackets is suitable for pressure PVC, HDPE and insulates pipelines. Thanks to its numerous accessories, it can be fitted in vaults, in ovoid shape in a tunnel. The support/bracket assembly can be used for fibre optic cables and in sheath.

Celt Supportage offers you a wide range of fixations adapted to our supports in order to maintain the speed and ease of the installation of our supports. You can find studs for hook shape brackets, galvanized steel plugs and threaded rods for our pear collar or for vertical pipe clamps, chemical seal for aluminium support brackets and hook shape brackets.

We invite you to discover the fastening system of our pear-shaped suspension collar, the adjustments of the hook shape bracket and of the vertical pipe clamp on our website or in our agency.
All our products are sold in France by numerous distributors and in Europe (Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Germany) but also in the French islands of Réunion, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Mayotte, and Tahiti. The full range is available on our e-commerce website.