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Celt Supportage

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Our products

Our stamping and smelting factories are ISO 9001 certified. The study, design and implementation are carried out internally. All products are patented and tested by the Laboratoire National d’Essai (LNE).


Hook Shape Bracket: type 101/121

support de canalisations

Off the ground horizontal pipeline support, along walls.

pipeline support

Adjustable swivel ring hanger

pear-shaped collar

Suspension collars, pear type for horizontal ceiling pipelines.

suspension collars

Vertical pipe clamps: type 802/821

collier de descente

Vertical pipe clamps to maintain vertical pipelines against the wall.

vertical pipe clamps

"TOPCELT" support collars

collar clamps

Support collars without screws. Enables simple, quick and efficient fitting. All positions.

Support collar


Support/hanger bracket: type 201/301

Support/hanger bracket: type 201/301

Support/hanger bracket used for cast-iron, HDPE and pressure PVC pipework.


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