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Hook shape bracket : type 101/121

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Hook shape bracket 101 for off-the-ground pipework, along walls. Made of AS 13 aluminium.


  • Save up to 75% in labour time compared to normal systems.
  • Slotted hole and sliding plate precise adjustments.
  • Compliance with the water flow indicator on the support.
  • Installed in series after tracing the route of the pipelines.
  • Three supports points facilitating the installation on rough walls.
  • Quick installation using wall plugs or studs.
  • Corrosion-proof, resistant and lightweight. Perfect finishing , painting and maintenance free.
  • Non-insulated hook ref 101 or isophonic hook ref 121 (insulation EPDM 70 shores).
  • ISO 9001 Certified.

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Hook shape bracket 101 allows the installation of evacuation pipework along walls. For cast-iron or PVC pipework It has a sliding plate facilitating the adjustment of the slope. The CELT hook is fitted using a stud or a wall plug and a screw. Once the hook is installed, you just need to tilt the pipework in its cradle. The hook shape bracket saves considerable fitting compared to traditional support systems. This AS13 aluminium product has very good mechanical resistance and is corrosion-proof, for long-lasting installation. The hook shape bracket is available in 2 models: non-insulated or isophonic type 121, for pipes diameters from 2" to 15 3/4".

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