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Adjustable swivel ring hanger : type 401/421

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Suspension pear-shaped collar ref 401/421 for cast-iron or PVC pipework.


  • Save up to 40% in labour time compared to normal systems.
  • Fastening system using clips, allowing pipe installation with collars in place.
  • Installed in series after tracing the route of the pipelines.
  • Quick fitting using wall plugs and threaded rod.
  • Wide adjustment range.
  • Non-insulated collar ref 401 or isophonic collar ref 421 (EPDM 70 shores insulation).
  • In galvanized steel DX 51 D + Z275 NF EN 10142.
  • ISO 9001 certified.

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CELT pear-shaped collar type 401/421 is used for cast-iron or PVC pipework on ceilings. The difference from a traditional pear collar is that the collar pipework can be installed in place (see video). Either by tilting the pipe and opening the collar, or by pulling the collar slide from the inside (into open position). Then simply clip the collar in position and tighten using the top nut. This support system enables the installer to work alone. The shape of our pipe hanger collar allows an important adjustment range for the slope and therefore retains its easy installation. Our suspension collar is available in 2 models: non-insulated (401) or isophonic (421), for pipes diameters from 2 to 17 . Most commonly used in basements of buildings in elevation, it may also be used for crawl spaces.

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