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Vertical pipe clamps : type 802/821/822

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Vertical pipe clamp for cast-iron or PVC pipelines.


  • Adjustable threaded port collar to maintain vertical pipework against the wall.
  • Lateral adjustment that facilitates the horizontal alignment of the pipes.
  • Clamping system with one screw and a clip.
  • Only one point of screwing to facilitate angle fitting.
  • Optimized space by installing several pipes in parallel.
  • Quick installation using 8 mm dowels.
  • Non-insulated MODEL ref 802 or isophonic model ref 821 (EPDM 70 shores insulation)
  • In galvanized steel DX 51 D + Z 275 NF EN 10142
  • ISO 9001 certified

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The vertical pipe clamp 802/821, for cast-iron or PVC vertically laid pipework, is the only support system consisting of a sliding threaded base. This system makes it possible to rectify the offset related to the drilling of the holes. Our vertical pipe clamp uses a single screw bolt unlike the double bolt collar. In addition to saving important fitting time, it also allows you to install the clamp closer to the corners and lay two pipes next to each other. Our vertical pipe clamp is available in 2 models: non-insulated (802) or isophonic (821), for pipes diameters from 2" to 6.

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