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Celt Supportage

Paris Val d’Europe – ZI TECHNIPARC
8/10 avenue Christian Doppler
77700 SERRIS
Tel. : 01 64 17 84 01

About us ?

CELT SUPPORTAGE designs, produces, stores and distributes collar clamps and adjustable pipeline supports for professionals specialized in evacuation, heating and water adduction systems.

CELT SUPPORTAGE offers a full range of hooks brackets and collar clamps suitable for the fitting of all types of pipeline, horizontal or vertical whether along walls or ceilings.

The range of CELT SUPPORTAGE products enables the fixation of all types of pipelines in record time.

The main applications of our products :

  • Brackets and collars for evacuation pipelines
  • Heating system collars
  • Supports for pressurized pipelines (gallery installation, bridge passage, etc.)

Fabrication of our collar clamps

Our stamping and smelting factories are ISO 9001 certified. The study, design and implementation are carried out internally.

All products are patented and tested by the Laboratoire National d’Essai (LNE).

Our assets

All our products are :

  • Available (hooks and clamps in stock).
  • Manufactured and stamped with Celt trademark and the diameter.
  • High-quality. Celt is responsible for its products and is committed to their quality and their follow-up.
  • Available "insulated" or "non-insulated".
  • In aluminium, the only ones on the market.
  • Adjustable.
  • Easy to implement (hanging, etc.).